4 Year Old Caleb Tyler Serrano, Dropping the Mic for Jesus

Check out this amazing performance by a 4 year old boy that blew the roof off of his church and quickly went viral!

Out of the Mouth of Babes!

When little 4 year old, Caleb Tyler Serrano, took the mic to sing in front of his congregation at the New Hope Baptist Church in North Carolina, the audience was expecting a cute performance. Instead, Caleb blew the roof off the place and amazed his congregation.

Watch the drop mic performance of this little guy as he performs “This Little Light of Mine.”

When family friend, Willie Jones, uploaded the video of Caleb singing to Facebook, the performance that “stole the floor” quickly went viral. Caleb’s father, Richard Serrano told Fox 8, that “he is ecstatic for his boy and proud of him.”

When asked where Caleb gets his inspiration to sing so powerfully, the little boy answered that he just “sings from his heart…for Jesus.”



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