Foods That Dogs Should Avoid (and Maybe You Should Too)

Table scraps may need to be 'scrapped' after seeing these foods that dogs should avoid.

If there’s one thing that we like to share with our furry friends, it’s food. Even if you’re the kind who strictly monitors your dog’s eating habits, you can’t help yourself from offering her/him an occasional treat (especially when they look at you with those precious eyes). But pet owner beware. Here are a few foods that dogs should avoid.

Hot Diggity Dogs (Hot Dogs)

No pun intended, but, yes, hot dogs aren’t an ideal food choice even for humans. For dogs, they are just worse. They contain a lot of preservatives and are loaded with salt. The levels are just too high for a pooch to deal with. It’s not uncommon to see dogs have indigestion or diarrhea after eating a few of these.

Plus, they can even end up being choking hazards.


Watch a pooch crunch away on chips and tell me it doesn’t make you smile. It’s too bad that the salt content is way too high. As a result, your dog could end up experiencing too much thirst and this often ends in excessive urination. Let’s be honest, you really don’t want your dog peeing everywhere.

In fact, if your dog eats way too many, he/she could end up with sodium ion poisoning, which can be fatal. So, stop with the chips. This is pretty good advice for all of us. Ha!


Bummer! This tasty treat seems like it would be perfect for dogs, no? There are so many bacon flavored dog foods and snacks, but the high fat levels are terribly unhealthy for a dogs digestive system. I guess that means man’s best friend is going to be a little disappointed tomorrow at breakfast.

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