Funny Animal Videos: Raccoon knocks on the door for more food

Here is one Florida woman that undoubtedly loves animals (just as much as we love watching funny animal videos on YouTube.) Whether volunteering at her local animal shelter, taking care of her own dogs and cats, or answering the door when a mother raccoon comes knocking, it is clear that Susie Chinn has a big place in her heart for all things furry.

Rocksy The Raccoon Knocks on Woman’s Door

After stealing all the food Susie left out for her cat, this backyard bandit becomes a backyard beggar. As Susie explains in her YouTube video “It’s hilarious. This raccoon that I’ve named Rocksy steals the cat food, and when the bowl is empty she gets a rock and knocks on my door,” essentially asking for more. But don’t be fooled by this simple anecdote. The ingenuity, dexterity, and audacity of the mother raccoon is downright amazing. Despite an internet flooded with funny animal videos, this viral sensation is likely to be immortalized as a YouTube classic.  You must see it to believe it!

The Trending Raccoon Rave

Raccoons are master entertainers. They are extremely calculating creatures, noted for their slyness and ingenuity. They can open locks, remember patterns and solutions, and as Rocksy just demonstrated, use tools (an ability that distinguishes intelligent species within the animal kingdom.)

In perfect collaboration with a raccoons’ clever little brain is the dexterity and agility of its front paws. In fact, the name ‘raccoon’ comes from the native american word “arathkone” meaning “the one who rubs, scrubs and scratches with its hands.” Which definitely describes Rocksy.

Are Raccoons the new “cats” of funny animal videos? 

Though raccoons are charming creatures, common sense reminds us they are still wild animals, and authorities concur, advising people to treat them as such.  Yet, this adorable video of Rocksy is just one in the latest trend of many featuring the interaction between humans and raccoons.

funny animal videos
Source reddit by umpalumpa12

The Trash Panda Obsession

Videos and images of domesticated raccoons, or human’s engaging raccoons is the latest obsession on reddit after a commenter quipped “raccoons = trash pandas” in response to the picture posted above of a raccoon in a tuxedo.

funny animal videos



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