Inspirational Youtube Video of One Legged, Teen Gymnast

“You’re not taking off my leg! I need that for gymnastics! Vowed a 12 year old Kate Foster, when cancer doctors diagnosed her with Leukemia.

From the first time Kate stepped onto the mat, at the age of 7, she was in love with gymnastics. The young phenom showed promising potential, but at age 12, Kate developed a life threatening infection in her leg as a complication of Leukemia. When the choice came down to life or limb, Kate allowed doctors to amputate her leg. But Kate wasn’t ready to retire from the sport she loved.

This amazing champion, buoyed up by her indomitable spirit and an amazing support system of parents, friends and coaches, continued to compete, wowing the crowd, and motivating a nation with her amazing performance as seen in this incredibly inspirational youtube video.

Kate recalled the statement that inspired her to continue competing in gymnastics: “my coach said she had never coached a one legged gymnast before, but she was willing to try if I was.” Kate also shared the inspirational words from her father, that she has claimed as a personal motto: “Your modified, you’re not broken.”

Check out the amazingly inspirational youtube video of Kate Foster, and for more stories of inspirational athletes, click here.




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