Blind dog gets a seeing eye dog

the fluffy duo

Life’s challenges are always easier, and sometimes exciting even, when you have a true friend by your side. Such is the case of Hoshi, and American Eskimo dog that lost his ability to see due to glaucoma when he was 11 years old, and his best dog friend, Zen, a Pomeranian that joined the family a few months before Hoshi lost his eyesight. Zen somehow knew when Hoshi lost his vision, and stayed by his side ever since.

mari whiteThe special friendship between these two dogs is documented by their owner, Pauline Perez, with adorable pics and videos posted to her Instagram account, The Fluffy Duo.

The two go on numerous adventures together, like hiking and swimming. Zen will grab Hoshi’s leash to lead him around. Even when the dogs are on separate leashes, Zen stays by Hoshi’s side, leading him along the path. By the end of the day, these two dogs are exhausted, but still inseparable, and go to bed cuddling with one another.

mari white

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