Blind Mom Gets a Surprise From Her Doctor!


Tatiana is an expecting mother, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little baby boy. Unlike most other excited mothers in waiting, Tatiana can’t experience the beautiful moment of seeing the black and white image of her developing child during her routine ultrasound, because Tatiana is blind.

Still, joy fills the face of the young mother as she speaks to her growing boy inside her womb: “you’re here, with me… But I can’t hug you, kiss you. Mommy can’t wait to feel your little body, your little face, your little hands.”

But thanks to the revolutionary technology of a 3D printer, Huggies, and an extraordinary OBGYN, Tatiana doesn’t have to wait any longer to feel here baby boy’s “little face.”

This beautiful Youtube video captures the unparalleled love a mother can have for their child. A love that is not constrained to the senses, but transcends all earthly limitations.

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