Inspirational Youtube Video of One Legged, Teen Gymnast

"You're not taking off my leg! I need that for gymnastics! Vowed a 12 year old Kate Foster, when cancer doctors diagnosed her with Leukemia. From...

Hotel Maid Brought to Tears By What She Found Left Behind

This is one of many YouTube videos produced by the charity GiveBackFilms, which showcase the reactions when individuals in need are given hundreds of...

Everyday Heroes: Ordinary People Acting Extraordinary

It doesn’t take a cape to make a hero. As this compilation of "Real Life Heroes" by YouTuber KST TV reveals, everyday heroes walk...

Unusually Beautiful Models who redefine the fashion industry

These 6 models may be the last people you would expect to strut down the catwalk, but their unique beauty, coupled with an indomitable...
quotes on happiness

Lessons on Happiness from Dr. Seuss:

Dr. Seuss, perhaps the world’s most beloved author of children’s books, enchanted young readers with clever rhymes, encouraging messages, and charmingly absurd illustrations. While...

Street Meets: The Gift of Laughter to NYC Strangers

The Gift of Laughter can come from animals, babies, funny friends, and even not so funny friends (like me). New Yorkers especially kept an...
everyday heroes

Heroes in Training: How to Develop a Courageous Heart

Are Heroes Born or Made? Having just watched the video "Everyday Heroes" which captures incredible acts of courage performed by every day people, it is natural to...

Tenacity of Boy With Double Hand Transplant is Inspirational

Children are amazingly resilient creatures, who when challenged, constantly defy expectations, and become inspirational to all those around them, demonstrating a singular, prevailing message:...

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