Make It! Decorating with Duck Tape Crafts

duck tape crafts

Duck Tape: Since its invention during WWII, it has become the indispensable, dispensable. The Excalibur of any self-respecting handy man or handy woman’s tool box. The panacea to all things broken, from home repair to car repair, even spaceflight repair, including the repair that saved the lives of the astronauts of the Apollo 13 mission. As the saying goes “If duck tape can’t fix it, you are not using enough duck tape.” 

Duck Tape Crafts and Decor

With the emergence of Pinterest and the DIY movement, Duck Tape has expanded its already wide repertoire to include arts and crafts. From duck tape wallets to duck tape prom dresses, this amazing tape rules its own Etsy empire.

But it doesn’t stop there, the staple of home repair is becoming a popular medium of home remodeling. Check out the amazing home makeovers, renovations, and home improvements achieved with some creative application of duck tape décor.

1. Add some color with a duck tape coffee table

Brian Patrick Flynn from

Stripes are the latest home remodel craze. Using duck tape ensures clean lines, little mess, awesome results, and is sure to be a lot easier than trying to paint the same effect.

2. Duck Tape Wall Art

decorating with duck tape

A home just doesn’t feel like a home until there is some art on the wall. Duck tape has got you covered.

3. Accentuate the Accents

duck tape crafts

Adding a few stripes of duck tape to an IKEA table, or other plain piece of furniture is a great way to accentuate your home’s color themes.

4. Welcome visitors with duck tape decor

Stunning Duct Tape Rose Valentine’s Wreath in Scarlet

This intricate heart shaped door wreath showcases the details duck tape crafts can take on. Not only will your guest be warmly greeted, they will also be amazed at the artistry of this deceivingly simple DIY duck tape decor.

5. Duct Tape Crafts = Awesome DIY Home Accents


The internet is full of little duck tape crafts and decorations that people are reviving their living areas with.

6. Car Interior Design with Duck Tape

Duck Tape Decor is not limited to your home. Check out these car interior makeovers using duck tape.

7. Tupperware Tape Over

Transform old, cheap looking tupperware into respectable furniture with a little duck tape revamping. What better place to keep all your duck tape craft supplies?

8.  Yes. Even Bathroom Remodeling

decorating with duck tape

Life is like a toilet bowl of cherries… So you can call this application of duck tape decor many things, but you can’t call it boring.


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