Everyday Heroes: Ordinary People Acting Extraordinary

It doesn’t take a cape to make a hero. As this compilation of “Real Life Heroes” by YouTuber KST TV reveals, everyday heroes walk among us. Ordinary people, that act extraordinary. Brave individuals who act when others watch, who run towards danger when others run away.

You cannot recognize these heroes from the outside. These heroes consists of both man and woman, old and young, big and small, strong and weak. Many of them are seemingly the most unlikely of people to insert themselves into danger to help a stranger. But that is what makes them so great. These heroes are just like you and me. And so when they reveal themselves, they reveal humanity in its rawest form.

Be inspired by these everyday heroes who’s brave acts were caught on camera.


Highlights of Real Life Heroes:

Some of these acts are so impressive that you want to know more. Below is additional context regarding the most moving deeds of courage caught on camera:

Fast Acting Boy Saves Busload of Children

At 1:07 in the video, you see a young boy save a busload of children by taking the wheel after the bus driver suffers from a massive heart attack. The 13 year old boy, name Jeremy Wuitschick, became alarmed as his bus began to veer off the road, speeding straight towards a church. Scared by the erratic driving, Jeremy quickly realized the bus driver was incapacitated. At that moment Jeremy became terror struck “I don’t want to crash. I just don’t want to die,” he told reporters. But instead of cowering to fear, he conquered it, racing to the front of the bus, grabbing the wheel, removing the keys from the ignition, and steering the bus to the side of the road. As is the nature of courage, Jeremy’s heroic acts emboldened others, and his friend Johnny Wood, began to perform CPR on the bus driver, while other students called 911.

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Football Player Comes to the Rescue of Opposing Player

At 1:29 this inspirational video captures the drama that unfolded when the captain of a Russian football team, Oleg Gusev, was knocked unconscious after a mid air collision with the goal keeper of the opposing Ukrainian team.  Hitting the ground, the unconscious football player began to seize, swallowing his tongue. Sensing the medical emergency of the Russian football captain, opposing player Jaba Kankava sprang to action, sticking his hand down Gusev’s throat to clear his airway.

It’s amazing, considering the fast paced and highly competitive nature of football games, that a player would notice the predicament of an opposing player, disregard the game, and spring to his aid. While there are many examples of inspirational athletes, Jaba Kankava’s concern and compassion for an opposing player makes him a true champion.

Crowd Lifts a Subway Car Off of a Trapped Passenger

4:17 of the motivational youtube video documents the power of people working together to help another. During the early morning commute at Sterling Station in Perth, Australia, a man became trapped when his leg fell into the gap and got wedged between the train and the platform right as the train was departing

Quick thinking responders alerted the conductor, stopping the carriage, and then directed passengers to get off of the train.

In precarious situations such as this one, you often hear of a phenomenon called the bystander effect, essentially, when a crowd watches someone in grave danger, but stands by idly. What happened in the Perth station was the complete opposite of that. The crowd organized themselves, lining up along the side of the train, and synchronized an effort to lift the 43 ton carriage away from the platform. The group succeeded, tilting the train enough for the man to free his leg.

A spokesperson for the train company said “Everyone sort of pitched in…It was people power that saved someone from possibly quite serious injury.”

Bus Driver Prevents Suicidal Woman from Jumping Off a Bridge

At 4:51 of the inspiration video, Bus Driver, Darnell Barton, was making his usually route with a busload of high school students. As he drove along the overpass, the driver noticed something strange: a woman standing on the wrong side of a guard rail, leaning towards the oncoming traffic below. “It didn’t seem real because what was going on around, traffic and pedestrians were going by as normal,” explains Mr. Barton, but he trusted his instincts, stopping the bus and asking “ma’am are you okay?” Clearly distraught, the woman did not respond. Mr. Barton got off the bus, slowly approached the woman, speaking words of encouragement and gently put one arm around her asking “do you want to come on this side of the guardrail?” Finally the woman responded, saying yes. Mr. Barton then pulled the woman back over the rail to safety, and sat down with her, staying by her side, talking to her, until authorities arrived and took over.

Down playing his heroism, Mr. Barton concluded “It was meant to be…I was supposed to be there for her at that moment and I was. I wanted to convey that whatever it was, I’m going to help you through and it’s not as serious as jumping onto the 198.”

Watch the full video, with audio of Mr. Barton’s actions here.



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