Street Meets: The Gift of Laughter to NYC Strangers

The Gift of Laughter can come from animals, babies, funny friends, and even not so funny friends (like me). New Yorkers especially kept an...

5 Inspirational Athletes That Blow Rudy Out of the Water

When athletes demonstrate amazing feats of the human body, we are impressed. But when stellar athleticism is paired with extraordinary feats of the human...


Everyday Heroes: Ordinary People Acting Extraordinary

It doesn’t take a cape to make a hero. As this compilation of "Real Life Heroes" by YouTuber KST TV reveals, everyday heroes walk...
everyday heroes

Heroes in Training: How to Develop a Courageous Heart

Are Heroes Born or Made? Having just watched the video "Everyday Heroes" which captures incredible acts of courage performed by every day people, it is natural to...
Time lapse

Amazing Time Lapse Video of a Tornado Will Leave You Breathless

California Police officer Jeff Boyce, took more than a month off of work to pursue his passion for photography. Jumping into his truck, Mr....


4 Year Old Caleb Tyler Serrano, Dropping the Mic for Jesus

Out of the Mouth of Babes! When little 4 year old, Caleb Tyler Serrano, took the mic to sing in front of his congregation at...

Tenacity of Boy With Double Hand Transplant is Inspirational

Children are amazingly resilient creatures, who when challenged, constantly defy expectations, and become inspirational to all those around them, demonstrating a singular, prevailing message:...

Dog Steals Garden Hose and Goes on Hilarious Rampage

Most dogs hate bath time. They run, or cower, growl or whine during the seemingly terrible ordeal. The black lab in this funny dog...
the fluffy duo

Blind dog gets a seeing eye dog

Life’s challenges are always easier, and sometimes exciting even, when you have a true friend by your side. Such is the case of Hoshi,...

Woman Farts To Save Planet

Woman Farts To Save Planet. What? Most heroins have really cool super powers and gracefully save the planet. Well in my case, I had the...

Movie Legends Dance to ‘Uptown Funk’

My mastery of movies only go as far back as my Blockbuster Video and VCR days. For Michael Binder, it means the best Hollywood...